What We Do

Plug and Play Energy Systems (PPES) is a Hawaii based energy systems and development company with over 35 years in Storage and Communication design, engineering and installations.  

PowerLord™ includes Military, Utility, Commercial and Residential solutions, providing individual design, engineering, hardware and software platforms for our customer’s unique situation, no matter size or existing inputs, distribution, demand or configuration.  

PowerLord™ software solutions or patches provide multi-layered communication options to suit all security, public or emergency service requirements.

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Energy Storage is about math, physics and chemistry. 

Understanding, designing and engineering systems to get all of these functions to work together is a new science that is being redefined and tested every day as batteries and other storage devices rapidly evolve.  Unfortunately, many times that evolution has been accompanied by marketing and promotional hype that conceals inherent flaws in chemistry or safety that can or might not interact with existing grid or customer technology, desire or needs.  

Because this science is so new, many utility and solar development companies, large and small simply do not have employees with the background, knowledge or skills to understand these complex interactions.  

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Our continued growth is driven by our commitment to innovation, service and quality.