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Plug and Play Energy Systems LLC (PPES) is fortunate to have on its team individuals and experts with over 35 years of experience in renewable energy systems, storage and grid management, internet technology, water resource and food expertise.  All creative thinkers and lifelong environmentalists, we can with a high degree of accuracy predict the outcome of integrating all of the intricate and complex interactions required in this rapidly evolving world where global warming will impact everyone on this planet and our needs for energy, food, potable water and shelter.  To that end, our PowerLord™ concepts are works in progress where functional simplicity, performance, cost effectiveness and green are the cornerstones of our business.

Sam Monet, Managing Partner

Mr. Monet's local roots are deep in Hawaiian history, its lands and its people.  Mr. Monet' English ancestors came to the Sandwich Isles in 1840.  On their vessel, the barkentine "Don Quixote" the Lindsey family transported and traded goods between and islands.  Innovative people, they built the first steam driven lumber mill on the big island.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sam installed his first PV and battery off grid system in 1974.  A former general contractor, real estate broker, commercial property manager, hydroponic farmer and energy consultant; Mr. Monet has been responsible for approximately 4 mega watts of renewable energy systems on Oahu in the last 4 years.  Mr. Monet was the managing partner of Aloha Ethanol during its acquisition.

Harald "Kimo" von Sydow, Project Manager

Mr. von Sydow has been working with business owners in Hawaii for over 20 years, developing and deploying green, clean energy solutions and systems for commercial buildings, restaurants and the farming community.  Kimo's speclaity is water reclamation and irrigation systems.

Brad Robertson, Electrical Contractor - Solar Design Executive

Mr. Robertson is a Hawaii electrical contractor, who for over 22 years has installed residential and commercial solar systems.  Our customers benefit from his expertise and experience; our staff from his knowledge.  

David Absher, PE - Engineering Executive

Mr. Absher is a registered Hawaii licensed, Electrical Engineer who has been involved in alternative energy projects throughout the U.S. mainland, Canada, and Hawaii for the past thirty-five years. David has engineered, designed, installed and commissioned hydroelectric, wind, and solar power generating facilities for Ontario Power Authority, Seattle City Light and Tacoma Power and Light, through irrigation systems with East Contra Costa County Irrigation District and irrigation and generating systems with Madera-Chowchilla Power and Water Authority.  In the early 1970’s, Mr. Absher was the project manager for Hawaii’s fist commercial wind farm at Hawi on the Island of Hawaii.     

Catherine R. JohnsonSales and Marketing Executive

Ms. Johnson has been involved in renewable energy systems for many years on the mainland and Hawaii.  Her work with national environmental groups provides a cornerstone for our business plan.  Kate is a prolific artist responsible for most of our documents, graphics and videos. 

Together we design, develop, install and manage unique, cost effective PV and battery systems.

Plug and Play Energy Systems (PPES), is a Hawaii based company using cloud based internet solutions to connect our creative design, development and management team of talented engineering, cyber secure IT and software developers, water resource, general construction, marketing, distribution, graphics and management partners; from Guam to Germany.  For over 35 years, we have solved integrated energy related problems for utility, commercial and residential clients, incorporating proprietary, remote controlled smart meter, monitoring, trouble shooting, management and accounting systems

Since 2002 we have designed and integrated the development of cloud based MINI GRID, Photovoltaic and safe, durable battery storage (BESS) systems, hardware and software solutions to manage power plants in Canada and the United States, all by remote control from any web based device.   

Our 2015 PowerLord line of innovated products include cyber secure, efficient, cost effective and green MINI GRID, Smart Meter, PPA, Demand Response (DR)  solutions all operated and managed by cell phone connections from anywhere in the world.  In most cases, we use quality products made in America and the ECU.

Our combined in house, software, engineering partnership and skills include cyber secure power plant control systems, embedded computing, smart grid, smart city and distributed artificial intelligence robotics and control systems that proactively manage the network and react intelligently to crisis situations. Our experience in black and white box testing is combined with test driven development to ensure the highest quality software.  Our software team include software engineers consulting with the United States government.  

Our continued growth is driven by our commitment to innovation, service and quality.