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Is a CUSTOM DESIGNED and ENGINEERED, integrated multi-point, multi-source energy generation, single or multi-point storage, inverter, grid management, distribution, HYBRID hardware and software solution that interconnect with any existing grid or management architecture.  PowerLord will service any single or multi-point input, distribution or demand structure.  

PowerLord includes Military, Utility, Commercial and Residential solutions, providing individual design, engineering, hardware and software platforms for our customer’s unique situation, no matter size or existing inputs, distribution, demand or configuration.  

PowerLord software solutions or patches provide multi-layered communication options to suit all security, public or emergency service requirements.Because Liithium Batteries are combustible and therefore dangerous in or around people, powerplants or fuel storage areas, PowerLord prefers safe Sodium Nickel Battery solutions, integrated with specialized Inverter or Hybrid configurations to maximize capacity, safety, durability, extended cycles, density, space considerations, efficiency, environmental and insurance policy requirements.

PowerLord can provide: Utility Scale - Backbone, Integrated Micro-grid (multipoint input and storage) and mini-grid (commercial, AOAO or individual PPA) storage, management software, metering and billing solutions, no matter size or complexity.

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Battery Solutions